Monday, April 14, 2008

Indian guy fucks blonde white girl in the ass

This series of images is incredibly hot, but wait till you see the video!
A pretty young blonde girl is anally fucked by an indian guy in closeup detail.
He really gives it to her, so much that she yells at one point as he thrusts inside her too deeply...


Many white women fantasise about being fucked by asian men - indian, chinese, japanese. But sadly, the porn industry hasn't produced many videos of this kind.
I think these fantasies are caused by the level of desire these men have... for fair skinned women, plus all the barriers to dating white women that asian men experience socially.

And white women sense this desire and it affects them...

Asian men and White women

This blog is for asian men who have fantasies about sex with white women and wish to see this reflected in erotica. And it's also for white women who are turned on by this topic. So wherever possible I will find and post images and videos of white women having sex with asian men.